Monday, December 6, 2010

My Comings and Goings Giggles:
Just sipping Coffee from my wonderful snow man mug, I do love this time of year. So Good Morning on this bitter cold day from Georgia, I do not remember it ever being this cold this late in the morning, I am happy I am inside til it warms up for sure.
We had a wonderful day in the lord, the little church is growing, we had some more visitors and I had 7 children in my SS class, I loved it, I am telling the Christmas story starting in Luke 1 til through Christmas and we will close with The Christmas play with the kids, just a simple reading of the word and the children singing the Christmas hymns that apply to that story. It will be fun for them, and with such a short time I could never put together anything very much. But I really enjoyed working with the kids too.

A couple took us out to lunch to Cracker Barrel and that was a good time of fellowship and getting to know them, they are a delightful couple who really want to serve the lord, and not afraid of work, they have gotten our Nursery all fixed up, including new flooring in it, then the Pastor's office ready for him, including a nice Computer installed, WOW they have been so busy ,and love it, it thrills my heart to see folks on fire for Christ.

I have lots of running today, and I sure am not up to it, my right knee is still hurting very bad, I will have to have something done with that Cyst soon I am afraid, but for now I just grin and bear it.

Have a wonderful blessed day, and tell me what you did over the weekend, Photobucket


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, I'm so happy that your new church is growing... Why would it NOT --with you and hubby there??????? God Bless You BOTH.

I didn't know about a cyst. Is the the 'other' knee? I hope you are not having trouble with the one you just had 'fixed'.... Keep us posted please.

Theresa said...

We had a nice weekend too. The kids had a birthday party on Saturday. Hubby took them so I could have the house to myself to get some cleaning and laundry done. Sunday we had morning service, then came home for lunch so we could go visit my mom. She is still in rehab from her knee surgery. Hoping she comes home this week.

Anonymous said...

I am inside for about an hour more, then I have to brave the cold and snow to go to work. It is in the mid 20s here in NW PA. We have at least a foot of snow on the ground, and more falling. I suspect the snow will be falling for a while, as we have a lake effect snow warning through 7:00 PM Tuesday!

Barbara said...

It is on the other knee, it has overworked and is bad too, now it hurts worse than the one I had surgery on, just cannot get these legs to get in tune, lol hope it will feel better soon, nothing you can really do about it, except have it drained, hoping it will go away on its own.

Sandra said...

i am very happy to hear good tidings about your new church. the office sounds wonderful. it is brrrrr weather here to. our high was 50 today and that is cold for us. all the rest of the week is gonna be cold. like your mug

Anonymous said...


Hello there Sweet Lady! It sounds like your new church is coming along just fine. It also sounds like you are having a "dandy time" with the little children in their Sunday School class. I hope that they enjoy having you as their teacher.

My husband and I didn't do much this weekend, although I did made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday morning. That sure was alot of fun! :)

Oh dear! I didn't know about the cyst on your knee. Don't "grin and bear it" too long Dear. I don't know you well, but I sure would not like something bad to happen to you because of it. As Betsy stated, please keep us posted.

Okay, I think I have typed enough for today. Take care Dear Lady. :)


-Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I just realized I haven't visited your blog for a long time! And I didn't know you were a Sunday school teacher, how nice!
Sorry to hear about your knee, hope you can get it fixed soon. I've spent this weekend naking, baking and baking, and playing the fiddle on Friday night. I did my first attempt to bake gluten free Christmas saffron buns. No great success, but I'll try again with another tecipe. Most of my cookies were nice, at least :)

Joyce said...

Sounds like you've been enjoying this special season of the year. I hope your knee settles down..good health is precious isn't it?

Have a blessed Christmas!

Grammy Blick said...

Do get that cyst "fixed." I know, there's little time to do so right now with new church and holidays right here -- but you know you should. Sometimes He plans for us to delegate -- provides opportunities for others to grow. We're still circling around great-grands and loving it!

Sharon said...

Good morning Barb.
I heard that the weather there was not real nice.
It is windy and cold here to but a least we have no snow yet.
Glad to hear about the growth in your little church.

Dee said...

I am happy to hear about the church growth and pray many more will find their way to your church this Christmas season.I have fond memories of working with the young children in Sunday school.I am glad the Lord is sending such good helpers your way...may he continue to bless you. Dee

taylormom2six said...

Praise the Lord for the blessing on your "new," little church! Children are such a blessing to work with, they are little sponges soaking up God's Word and His truths!

I'll be praying for your other knee also.

As for the weather here, we've been averaging between the mid 50s to the low 60's. We are expecting some rain today which is much needed.

Keeping you and your dh and your church in my prayers!

God Bless,
Psalm 18

Camille said...

Hi Barbara! So sorry to read of your really are a cheerful lady...what a blessing! May the LORD help you get well soon!

How wonderful that those children have YOU to teach them...I am sure they enjoy your class very much. Isn't this time of year wonderful?? We can share the LORD with everyone and they often will listen! :)

Blessings to you!