Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Sharing

Nothing more beautiful than Eagles, I love the way they move, the way they wait to make a move on their prey, and how they care for their young, it is very fascinating to me the life of the eagle, and my life's verse is Isaiah 40:31
"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
It took a long time for me to realize why God had given me this verse, but with the long walk with Jesus I learned, to wait, not to jump in feet first, but to be still and wait on
his leading. If we can be still and listen to the lord he does speak in a still small voice, but we can hear if we are listening, at times we just ignore him, and go about our business, but then other times we do listen and we learn much from his guidance.

Have you ever watched Eagles? Watched the way they care for each other, and the way they care for their young?
When Eagle reached near 40, it’s beak,talon and feathers becomes weak. For new life, agle makes one hard decision. Eagle flies on top of a mountain and sits on nest. Then Eagle strikes its beak against a rock and pull it out. After that it waits for new beak to grow. Then it starts plucking out it’s talons. New talons grow back. Then it plucks its old and thick feathers.
Now the painful process completed and it has to wait for 5 month to recover. After that it can make its fly to sky and can enjoy new birth. Now it can live 30 years more.

Some change needs to survive in difficulty. In miserable condition, we have to change life style. That process may be very painful. Sometimes we have to throw our old habits, memories and our daily routines. We can’t go ahead with all our past burdens. Then we have to free our burdens and sorrows.

Hope you have enjoyed the information about the beautiful Eagle, it is one of my favorites, have a wonderful weekend, be blessed, and be a blessing.


Theresa said...

I didn't know that about eagles. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend :)

Donnie said...

That was really informative and I love that verse. Have a blessed weekend.

Mary said...

Enjoyed your post today it was a great message...Is. 40:31 in one of my favorites...Have a great weekend. Mary

taylormom2six said...

I have always loved that verse! When were living in the Arctic we saw quite a few eagles, they are truly a majestic creature!

Theresa said...

I learned a lot about Eagles from you! Thanks for that! I always take pictures of Eagles because they are sooooo beautiful and powerful!

Have a blessed weekend! HUGS!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, This is new info for me too. We have Eagles here, some are here all year but mostly in spring,summer and fall. I don't know whether you took the photo but oh how glorious seeing so many in one place-the most we get is about 4-6.
Hugs today.

Terri said...

We have a pair of bald eagles near us and I love watching them. Isaiah 40 is one of my favorite passages!

Joyful said...

The eagle is one of my favourites too and I love the verse of scripture. The photos are awesome. Have a blessed day!