Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Counting Your Blessings Tuesday

I am linking up with Julie at More of Him, for this Count Our Blessings.

I have so many blessings it is hard to start to thank God whom all blessings come from, but I sure will do my best.
1. I thank God for my resurrected Saviour who hung on the cross to pay for the sin debt that I owed, and was able to save my soul from a Devil's hell.

2. I am so thankful for a loving husband who takes care of me, and has for almost 51 years.

3. I am thankful for a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally, and thinks I
am pretty special.

4. I am also thankful for all the dear women I have met in the blogging world, that I
have learned to respect and love.

5. I have 11 grandchildren I love dearly, that are all healthy, and 8 great grand children that are all healthy also. That is such a blessing to have such a big family, after growing up as an only child, this big family is indeed a blessing to me.

6. I am thankful for the Bible, that I live in a Country that I can read it daily or when ever I feel the need, I thank God for writing his word down so I can apply it to my heart.

7. I am blessed by living in a free Country, that we are still able to choose what church we attend, read our bible, and to vote on election day, that is an honor and one I do not take lightly.

8. I am totally blessed by where I live, it is remote, and never any problems here as in the cities close by. I have forgotten to lock my door at night, or left the key in the door, and never had one problem in 15 years of living here.

9. I am thankful for the talents God has given me, of singing his praises, and teaching his word to others.

10. I am blessed to be able to have a computer, and to reach out all over the world to many who may never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a blessing to reach others for Christ.

You know I could go on, and on, my blessings never end, daily I have something new that blesses my heart, but I will quit now for this blessing statement, and say have a very blessed Tuesday, and do be a blessing where ever you may go. Bye Bye For now.


Theresa said...

My list of Blessing is similar and LONG too:) I don't have as many Grandchildren or ANY Great-Grandchildren but I am so thankful for SOOOOO MUCH!

Have a blessed day dear Barbara! HUGS!

Barbara said...

Amen Theresa, you are one of my blessings too, hugs and thank you for yor lovely comments.
Lots of Hugs back

sarah said...

there's nothing like gratitude to make you feel good. great list

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, A wonderful list of blessings. I did not realize what a big family you now have! What a blessing, indeed. Wishing you a very nice day!

Donnie said...

I think all of us could have similar lists to yours because we have been truly blessed.

Susan Evans said...

I always need to remember to be thankful, and to keep my mind on Christ instead of on the problems at hand.

moreofhim said...

Beautiful blessings, Barbara!! I'm SO glad that you have linked up with me...I love coming by and seeing what you're thankful for...and what you're up to! :)

God bless you - Julie