Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Flicks
I found these boots at a gardening shop
online, I just love them, and they keep my
feet dry and warm in all my little trips out
to the hen house, you think they will make
the hens happy seeing all the roosters?

Now for my flowers in bloom, the first one is when
it first started opening, the second is when it
was in full bloom, are they not so pretty, I always
forget the name of them, but they are not a
common plant, I have separated them and put
each in a new pot, hopefully I can put them in the
ground next Spring, and they will do good.

The sun is shinning today, finally, we were out in
the rain all day yesterday, going from place to place
today we are home, and the sun is shinning, I do
love the sunshine, and our green beans are getting
really big after all the rain, and now the sun.

Well I hope you have a very blessed weekend, and
know that God is near what ever you do, or where
ever you go, he is just a prayer away.
Be blessed my friends, Be a blessing. ♥


Sandra Henderson said...

What a gorgeoua flower, and i adore your boots!!! Have you worn them to church yet?!?! Tee hee
I bet the hens lay more eggs, they are the happiest boots ever! Do you have a boot jack? I had my huband make me one for my boots, it makes it easier to get off. I will have to post it, pleasse rwmind mw if i forget. That will make him happy, its nice to remind folks how we appreciate things they do for us. I appreciate YOU! Xo

Barbara said...

Giggles no not to church yet, I do not have a boot jack either ,ever seen one even, thanks perhaps my dh can make me one, although they are easy to get off and on

Theresa said...

Cute boots, with all the rain we have had lately... perfect addition to the wardrobe:)

Love the flowers, I take lots of flower pictures. I like to take a picture every day or to as the sprout, bud and bloom!

Have a blessed day dear Barbara! HUGS!

Rebecca said...

I love the boots!! Have a great weekend!

Miss Linda said...

Oh those boots are so adorable!! If I were a hen, I'd be happy to see those headed in my direction!

The flowers you are growing are just beautiful, by the way!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

Barbara said...

Giggles Linda, that is too funny, should I say cluck, cluck cluck.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Oh Barbara...I am in love with your boots!!!! As my girls would say those are SaaaaWeeeeet. The flowers are lovely. What a blessing they are. Have a wonderful week end!


Mrs. Q said...

What pretty flowers! We could really use some rain here. Hopefully we will get some in a couple of days. My lilac bushes are still budding nonetheless. They are hardy!

Mrs. Q

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I love~~love the boots.
Hope you have a great weekend.
It is beautiful here~woo hoo!
I am having my first Garage Sale out in the country. It has been better than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Love those boots and you have such tiny feet! We are blessed with bright sun today also. It feels wonderful. I love your flower - I'm not familiar with it either.
Have a great week Barbara.

Joyce said...

I love your boots....or wellies as they say in England. So cute!

Camille said...

Great boots Barbara! Too cute! I think your girls will like them ~ LOL! :)

Gorgeous flower! I *love* the sunshine too...really is cheery!

Happy Spring!

JD said...

Those boots are adorable...Hope you have a good week.

Sister Lori said...

I adore the boots :) I thought I had already followed your blog but I guess not! Well, I have now! :D Now I will have to read through your time permits, of course:)
God be with thee!
Sister Lori