Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Spring Center Piece

I love this time of year, so much fun,  Each day brings something new I have my basket ready to put my colored eggs in, and I will place it on the table along with this basket with my special little chick, I have had this little yellow chick for many years, my dh bought it when he was on one of his trips.  I treasure my little chick and put him on display every year, the little church in this basket I won from a blogger last year, that was a neat little gift too, very pretty.  My youngest daughter made the little cross basket from plastic canvas and I also treasure it. So yearly out comes my decorations and I display them for you, and for all that enter into my home.

I will write about Resurrection day another time, now that is what Easter is all about, not these eggs, or bunnies or even my favorite little chick. Resurrection day is always about Jesus, how he hung on that old rugged cross, and laid down his life for you and for me, I would not connect the two, my decorations are always for Spring, not for Easter. Easter is a pagan holiday, and I do not support or participate in it, that is why I say Resurrection Day when talking about the cross, the day my Jesus died for me. Now we got that cleared up I can go on and talk to you about our week end.

I sure appreciate all your prayers, my dear husband preached a good sermon both morning and night, with power and fresh oil from on high.
We had good lunch and sweet fellowship with the folks there from the church, and we were treated so well and with such respect, we love that little church and pray for them always. When ever we can be a help we quickly go.
We spent the after noon with our youngest daughter and her family, that was a double blessing for us, any time we can be with family it is very special, we do not take our family for granted, now if we were around them all the time we may, but being in another state and not seeing them often, makes it special each time we get together.
So that is me in a nut shell, my life laid open for all to view, I do not hide from the world or hide light for Jesus under a bushel, amen. 
I pray your weekend was as good as mine, and that this week will be filled with lots of blessings raining down from on high. 
Be Blessed, and be a blessing ♥


Peggy said...

Love seeing your spring decorations! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and hope your week is filled with blessings!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, Sounds like you all are doing GREAT down there in GA... We are too--and are enjoying our Spring.

I love the Easter Season also--but what I love the most is going through Jesus' death and resurrection first.. We have Maundy Thursday services and Good Friday services.. AFTER them, we can truly appreciate Easter morning...

God Bless You.

Mary said...

Hi Barbara, so glad I stopped by, your post are always so uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Glad to hear you had a blessed weekend. I enjoy seeing your Spring decorations.

Laura said...

Good Morning Barbara,

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog...it is always so encouraging to find like minded believers who share their love for our Lord in their writings. I just love this post...and your boldness at exposing Easter as a pagan holiday. I look forward to visiting again, and reading your other posts.

Hope you and your husband have a very blessed day!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you.
I agree that family time is to be cherished each day.

Anonymous said...

I really like the cross basket. I've never seen a basket made in such a way. I like the church and chick and other things that are inside the basket. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.