Monday, May 23, 2011

Study of Nahum

We are going to start here in Jonah, although most of our lesson will be out of the book of Nahum.

May we go to the Lord in prayer before starting, My dear Lord, and Heavenly Father,
I praise you in all areas as to how you can burden a heart and have your truths come rolling out of the mouth, I want to be a blessing to you my Lord, and may I follow your leading in preparing this lesson. Lord bless each one who reads this, and touch each heart and draw them close to you, open the eyes of those who are blinded, and open the hearts of those you need to speak to.. I love you Father, and give you all the praise and glory, I am nothing on my own, and would never claim your glory as my own. Thank you Father, and in faith believing you will touch hearts, and prepare them for you, In Jesus name amen..

Jonah 4:5-11 Jonah went out of the city, yet remained near at hand, as if he expected and desired its overthrow. Those who have fretful, uneasy spirits, often make troubles for themselves, that they may still have something to complain of. See how tender God is of his people in their afflictions, even though they are foolish and froward. A thing small in itself, yet coming seasonably, may be a valuable blessing. A gourd in the right place may do us more service than a cedar. The least creatures may be great plagues, or great comforts, as God is pleased to make them. Persons of strong passions are apt to be cast down with any trifle that crosses them, or to be lifted up with a trifle that pleases them. See what our creature-comforts are, and what we may expect them to be; they are withering things. A small worm at the root destroys a large gourd: our gourds wither, and we know not what is the cause. Perhaps creature-comforts are continued to us, but are made bitter; the creature is continued, but the comfort is gone. God prepared a wind to make Jonah feel the want of the gourd. It is just that those who love to complain, should never be left without something to complain of. When afflicting Providences take away relations, possessions, and enjoyments, we must not be angry at God. What should especially silence discontent, is, that when our gourd is gone, our God is not gone. Sin and death are very dreadful, yet Jonah, in his heat, makes light of both. One soul is of more value than the whole world; surely then one soul is of more value than many gourds: we should have more concern for our own and others’ precious souls, than for the riches and enjoyments of this world. It is a great encouragement to hope we shall find mercy with the Lord, that he is ready to show mercy. And murmurers shall be made to understand, that how willing soever they are to keep the Divine grace to themselves and those of their own way, theft is one Lord over all, who is rich in mercy to all that call upon him.
Do we wonder at the forbearance of God towards his perverse servant?
Let us study our own hearts and ways; let us not forget our own ingratitude and obstinacy; and let us be astonished at Gods patience towards us.

Part two in a few day from now, have a very Blessed Monday,



Sassy Granny ... said...

I love the text that reminds us to "make our calling and election sure". I envision such an effort entailing a routine inventory of the heart.

Even so, I am so grateful that His Spirit comforts and confronts, teaches and leads. Apart from that, I fear my own fickle heart is capable of justifying most anything. Even as He applies grace, He cuts no such slack.

Great post!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

there is so much good stuff in the bible! oh, that we don't recognize the great gift that He gave us in the WORD!

love this post Barbara!

Barbara said...

Yes we seem to have favorite parts of the Bible, and some parts are never read in depth, I love to just dive in, and stay in the deep waters of his word, love it all, and we can learn so much just from reading. Hope you have a great day.

Katie said...

Astonished at God's patience with me, indeed!!! Great post, Barbara. Thank you! Thanks also for stopping by my blog!

Blessings as you serve Him,

Sharon said...

What a beautiful and inspirational post. Thank you for sharing the message that God gives us.
I am so grateful to God for all the love and patience he has for me.
Have a blessed day.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

"...the obstinancy of our own hearts..."

Now that is something I recognize, wish I didn't.

Your illustrations at the top of your blog are so cheerful, they just make me smile looking at them.
Blessings to you today - Marsha