Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Wonderful Word

A real friend is one who will show you how to turn things over to God...and leave them there.  A real friend is one who will pray with  you when you heart aches. A real friend
shows you the path to happiness in God.

Proverbs 18:24 " A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

Do you have a real friend? One who is really the biblical version? Count yourself blessed if you do. I know I have some Godly friends, that encourage me, and let me know that God has everything under control. I love the statement "Give some one a smile, They may not have one of their own" that is so deep...Stop and think of the concept of that statement, you see some one stepping on their lip, could be they lost a loved one, or found out they had cancer, or their husband was mean to them, or kids unruly, could be most anything, may we give them a smile freely, and befriend them, let them feel they are not all alone. We have a great friend in Jesus, and we can cast all our cares upon him, for we know he cares for us, so let us extend that same friendship to all those around us. God bless you today my dear friends, I hope God will lead you to some one who needs your faith, your smile and your hug.

We had a glorious time yesterday. The Spiritual food was so satisfying and so was the physical food, lots of preaching and singing, such a good time of fellowship with God's elect. It blessed my heart to be part of such a Godly day, my cup sure got filled, and running over, It was a long day, but well worth the drive.

Ludowici, GA is about 1 1/2 hours from here, it began at 2 pm, 3 preachers preached and we had some singing from the congregation, then at 4:45 we had a break and a snack and drink, then back and another preacher preached, then supper at 5:45; we ate and fellow shipped with lots of other Pastors from all around Georgia. 7 pm the evening service started, special singing, a pastor and his family sang, and then a couple from the hosting church sang, it was a super blessing. Then we had more preaching, a Evangelist, Joe Barker, I had never heard of him, but he give a glorious and uplifting message.

At 9 pm we left for home. I was glad to see my street sign and hit that dirt road, I know I would be home soon. We slept in this morning until 8 good nites rest I had.

Today is pay day, so not sure if we will go shopping today or wait until tomorrow, I have a doctors app tomorrow so may wait. Tonight is Church and I am waiting for that time, I love being in the house of the lord, with his people, nothing better, I could stay daily there, heehee. Well what are your plans for today.

Have you heard of the fires in the Swamp?  It has burned over 92,000 acres, and getting close to some homes in Baker CO FL. The woods were burning up in Ludowici too the air filled with smoke, we need rain, and we need it today, the fires are so out of control. Pray for this area and all the areas that have problems, flooding in Miss and just all over such tragedy.

♥Hope you have a great day, give some one a smile, they may not have one...♥



Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

God has blessed me with a friend that is that iron sharpening iron friend. Praise GOd! Unfortunately, she lives on the East coast, but we chat online and such and she still encourages me in my Christian walk. :)

Sharon said...

It does sound like it would be worth the drive.
I am glad that you got some rest however.
I love that saying also.

Miss Linda said...

It sounds like you had a truly blessed time in the Lord. Gathering such as the one you described are such a foretaste of Heaven!

Jillian said...

True friends are True Treasures! It's such an encouragement and a blessing to have a godly friend who strengthens, rather than hinders, our Christian walk.

I enjoyed reading your message (always do!)


Grammy Blick said...

I don't have a friend like that now, and I miss such a friendship. Those who have them, cherish and care for that friend!

Farming On Faith said...

Yes~ I am so blessed with many friends in my life that fit this bill!
How are you? I am been way to busy, I am visiting the kids in Washington and getting some vacation time so I can get caught up on blog reading.
Hope you are having a great week!

Mrs. Freida said...

Mrs. Barbara, Just wanted to say that I appreciate all your kind comments leave me. You may not realize it but it is really a blessing to me. God has used you in my life. Pray all God's best for you!!! You are a piece of
Sonshine in my life!