Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smiling Saturday...

Are you giving to the world a smile (sunny smile)
Helping lessen someone's dreary mile (dreary mile)
Do you greet the world with song as through life you pass along
Cheering those you may meet along life's way


Give the world a smile each day (give the world a bright smile every day)
Helping someone on life's way (helping someone on life's dreary way)
From the paths of sin (paths of sin) oh bring the wonderer's in (bring them in)
To the master's fold to stay (to His fold, His forever to stay)
Help to cheer the lone and sad (help cheer the sad, the lonely and sad)
Help to make some pilgrim glad (help make pilgrim, make somebody glad)
Let your life so be that (life so be that) all the world might see
The joy of serving Jesus with a smile (a bright sunny smile)

Give the world a happy song today (song today)
That will help some pilgrim on His way (on His way)
You can tell him of the Lord and His heavenly reward
If you'll only follow Jesus day by day

Repeat Chorus

Now go out and give everyone a smile, share your smile, some one may not have of their own...I will have a very busy weekend, and will not get back here until Monday, God bless each of you, and stay safe, stay happy and be blessed.


Camille said...

Have a wonderful weekend *off* Barbara! Enjoy the sun (do you have sun??)...we just got's been a long time in coming! :) Thank you for the encouragement to smile...I think it's especially important in our families to smile LOTS!

Many blessings,

Barbara said...

Yes Camille, it is sunny here, in the high 90's had a small shower early this morning, but none all day. Hope you have a great weekend too. Hugs

A Gardner's Cottage said...

:) Just for you! Enjoy your week end.


Miss Linda said...

This was such a happy post. I hope you are enjoying a very nice weekend, dear Barbara! We, too, here in Texas are at 99 degrees. It's been such a warm spring!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Enjoy! Marsha