Friday, June 17, 2011

Smokey Saturday In Charlton County Georgia

We Went to Manor Georgia yesterday, and picked tomatoes,
as you can see some are not ripe enough to freeze, so we
are letting ripen really well before freezing them, they are
so much better when overly ripe even.

The smoke was really bad all the way there up; on US 1, and then back all the way too, on HWY 82, but the funniest thing was we could not even smell the smoke when out picking tomatoes, Yep God is so good to us, so if you live in that area go get you tomatoes, the cost is only $6.00 for a 5 gallon bucket full, really good tasting tomatoes too, their watermelons are $2.00 I could not resist getting one of them, and some egg plant, also some Green Peppers I do love fresh green peppers.
I make sandwiches out of them, a slab of pepper and slice of cheese and oh my it is
Our tomatoes are on the porch for now, hoping they will be ripe enough Monday to put up. We will not do them tomorrow, remember to keep my dear husband in prayer tomorrow too, he is preaching at our church he resigned from a few years ago. So that is my smokey Saturday for now, oh year I have a Wonderful pound cake in the oven, I am going to load it with strawberries for dessert tonight, going to fix  steak fry and rice, oh me, is it supper time yet?? Be blessed, be a blessings, and hope your Father's Day is a very blessed one too, love your daddies while you can.
Lots of hugs and Prayers, Barbara


Sharon said...

Great photos!!!
Tomatoes are not anywhere near ready to pick around here. Things are really late due to the nasty weather we are having.
Prayers for your husband.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

The tomatos look so good. We ate a tomato sandwich for supper last night. Boy it was so good. Blessings!

Aliene said...

Hello Friend. Just stopping by to let you know I am back in circulation. Tomatoes are soo Good!
We are picking quite a few. Even had fired green tomatoes. Delicious!
Hope you have a blessed week end and the Lord will help and anoint the preacher.

Barbara said...

Yes amen Aliene, sure have missed you..

Kateri said...

oh, my gosh,those look so good. Tomatoes won't be ready for more than a month here.

Grammy Blick said...

I've had a few tomatoes off our two small plants, but the weather has been so bad -- 100+ with drying winds -- that I wish we had some like you got nearby. Those will be sooo tasty when you put them up! Right now we're not doing much cooking. Even our 42 Thursday night dinners are all salads. I took a layered fruit bowl of melons with a layer of pineapple, topped with raspberries. Talk about cool!!

Barbara said...

Grammy we have found a new and easier way of doing the tomatoes, he uses my canning pot, and boils them on his grill out side, then brings them in and I cool and peal them and put them in containers to freeze. Keeps my house cooler, have a great weekend ladies, much love to all ♥

Farming On Faith said...

Oh what a great deal. How do you freeze them?
You always have such wonderful money saving ideas!
My garden is coming along nice but no tomatoes just yet.

Have a wonderful day ~ I am getting the house back in order and laundry and linens washed and then I am going to crash!

Barbara said...

Carrie sending you an email of how to freeze them. Hugs

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

You reminded me of how GOOD tomatoes smell when I used to can them.

Great pictures, too.
blessings to you - Marsha

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a great price on tomatoes! We're in north Georgia and bought a tiny basket and they were $4.00 for probably small tomatoes. We have a couple of vines planted but no tomatoes yet and I was craving a tomatoe sandwich!

Miss Linda said...

Hope all went well with your husband's preaching today! :)