Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Am Truly Sorry

It has been a very busy time for me lately, and I have not been on
the computer as I once was, but I have been busy for the lord, and
always he will come first, I pray you understand, and that you
will pray with me that we can do all God has put in our path to do.

We did get to go fishing last Monday, did not catch a thing, and
my husbands motor kept conking out, so we used the trolling
motor to get where we wanted to be in a sloop, but they fish were
not biting then either, so we did not stay a real long time, but quite
honestly it seemed like forever for me, if I am not getting bites, I do
not like to just sit and wait for them to bite, so I was ready to leave
when my husband decided we were not going to catch anything. LOL

It has been a time since I talked about our church and the ministry
there, the bus ministry is doing well, lots of new kids, and many getting
saved and baptized, and that is what it is all about, and seeing them
parents coming to see them baptized is a thrill. I teach the teens, and for
the past couple weeks our Junior girls teacher has been ill, so I have
had them all, this week I do believe it will be back to normal though. We
started a Junior church last Sunday also. It went very well, and run it
just as the regular church, take up and offering, and sing some songs, then
my dh preaches to them, on their level, it was good, and I enjoyed being
with them also. So you see we are busy, have lots of preparations to to
and studying also, love it though.

It has cooled off here (finally) feels so much better, it was a tad chilly infact
when I let my little dog out this morning too, so fall is coming, and I am
loving it. So how is the weather where you are, so many differents areas are
on the blogs that it can be freezing somewhere, while in the 90's elsewhere.
Makes it very interesting though.

Well I must leave for now, hope you all have a marvellous weekend, and that
souls will be saved tomorrow at your churches. God bless you real good, and
keep us in your prayers please.

All Because Of Him, Barbara


Peggy said...

Loved catching up with whats been going on in your corner of the world. It is always a blessing to be busy with God's work. We have had a wonderful fall like weekend and I love it! So looking forward to fall and winter to come and stay for awhile! Know your weekend is overflowing with blessings.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

What a joy it is to be the hands and feet of God! So happy you are enjoying the many blessings of our Father! Enjoy the cooler weather.

Take care,

Jillian said...

Oh Miss Barbara it's cooling off here too! In fact, today we had "Family Day" at church, we had our regular Sunday School and Morning Service, and then directly afterwards we had a cookout on the lawn, and carnival-type games. We had moonwalks, inflatables, face painting, and even a dunk tank! I was glad for those in the dunk tank that it was not TOO cool, and that it was sunny! It's always nice when we have lots of visitors; I hope they come again! : )

Glad to hear that your church is as busy as it is, there's nothing quite like working for the Lord! : ) He is so good!

Joyful Blessings,

Theresa said...

What a wonderful way to be busy! You and you Husband are making a difference in SO many lives! You keep doing what you are doing and we will all be here admiring the Lord's work thru you! Have a blessed week, HUGS!

Grammy Blick said...

Nice catch up! I do miss going fishing, but never miss out on being at church enjoying the Lord's work!