Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day, the first Monday in September,

is a creation of the labor movement and
is dedicated to the social and economic
achievements of American workers. It
constitutes a yearly national tribute to
the contributions workers have made to
the strength, prosperity, and
well-being of our country.

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a
bountiful crop. I hope you have a safe
and happy day, enjoy it, we all work hard
all week, and we need to take time to rest
our bodies, to get ready to work again, even
God rested, do not feel bad about it, just
enjoy your time spent with family and
friends. God bless you and I hope, like
me you will love this day God has given.

Did you ever have any special Labor day
that sticks out in your mind? I do, my
birthday is September 1 and it sometimes
fall on Labor Day, so when this happens
we usually do something really special, I
remember once we took a scenic drive up
to the mountains, it was a wonderful trip,
and one that will stay in my mind forever.


Theresa said...

Sweet memories! Have a blessed Labor day dear Barbara, HUGS!

Grammy Blick said...

That does sound tasty! There's something about pecans that just make me think of fall. I'm afraid our local pecan crops failed this year due to the drought, but I'm still looking forward to using them in cooking.