Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

It has been a while since I posted, and I have been meaning almost
daily to come in and update, I am feeling better, and my dh
neck is able to function again, it was a long week of illness for us
both, and I am happy it is over. Now I ask for prayer for my
husband again. He seen the doctor yesterday, and he has a legion
on his throat, he will go in for a biopsy on the 14th of Oct, so if
you would please keep him in prayer, and that it will be just torn
muscle from preaching all these years, but always praying God's
magnificent will be done also. Thank you a head of time.

Well besides that we are doing well, and staying very busy doing
the work that God has called us to. I had bought some beef ribs
last shopping trip, and wanted to make short ribs and rice like my
mom used to make, well I did not have a clue, so asked my sister
she had never made them either, and I tried to find a recipe, well
I could not find a recipe that seemed like I wanted either, so I just
went ahead and made them the way I thought they should be, well
they were out of this world, and my husband just loved them, I will
be making them again soon, so here is what I did, and the recipe
to make them yourself.

1 pound of Beef Short Ribs
2 Tablespoons Canola Oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 medium Onion
4 Beef bullion Cubes
5 cups of water
and 1 cup of rice

Now I put about two tablespoons of Canola oil in  pot
and browned and seared the beef on all sides, salted to
taste, then I  added the onion, and let it tender, when it
was ready Iadded the 5 cups of water, then when boiling
I added bullion cubes. It simmered for about 2 hours, I took
out the meat, poured off the water,(saving) and then added back
two cups of the broth and the 1 cup of rice, added
the beef back to mixture, and let it cook down til the rice
was done. WAHLAH it was scrumptious, best meal
ever, I had french bread with it, and some slaw, my dh
just raved about it. SO I have a new dish to serve often.
I hope try it, and make it for your family, they will love
it I am sure.
I have enough broth to make some noodles too. Sorry
I did not take any photos of them.
Hope you all have a wonderful week, and I hope to be
on the computer more now. God bless you real good.

Have a Wonderful Day, Barbara


Aliene said...

Sorry you both have not been feeling well. Pray that your husband gets a good report. Seems as we get older the more things we have ti face.
Guess that comes with the package!lol
I need to go to the dentist to get a feeling put back in and I hate someone fooling around in my mouth.
I have TMJ and can't open my mouth very wide. they have a time getting the drill in. Guess I'll call for an appt. Hope you both feel better soon. Love you.

Sharon said...

Prayers for you and your husband for sure.
It sounds like a great recipe and I will have to try it as we love ribs.
We always simmering them in a bar-b-
q sauce and serve with rice.

Barbara said...

Thank you for your kind words ladies, and I have simmered them in BBQ sauce before, but wanted something blander, not so spicy, they are really good in sauce too.

Julie Page said...

I hope you and your husband feel better and will remember you all in prayer. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll have to try it out for my husband. : )

Gail said...

Sorry to hear you all have been under the weather. Certainly hope you are much better soon, and that your husband will get a good report from test. Gail

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Gotta love them short~ribs. I cooked up a batch over last weekend. It's a three day process 'round here but they were worth it!

Sweetie, know that I'm prayin' for that man of yours and you too.

Feel better.

Have a blessed day and here's sendin' ya'll healin' hugs!

Mary said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well, but glad to hear you're better...the ribs sound delish !
Remembering your hubby in prayer, that God will send healing for any problem, great or small...

Theresa said...

So glad you are feeling better! The ribs sound delish!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, Bless your heart... Both you and hubby have had your share of physical pain this past year. I worry about you.

Before I started slowing down a little and taking better care of myself, I used to get sick too... I changed my eating habits, started exercising, added some vitamins/minerals---and have stayed very healthy (both George and I) for several years.....

I don't know what works for you ---but I'm sure that God would want you both healthy...

God Bless.

Jillian said...

Sure sorry to hear you've both been under the weather. Will be praying for better health to quickly come. Take care.

God bless,

Cathy said...

I'm glad you both are better, Dear. Your recipe sounds good, but with my stomach, don't think I could eat ribs. Praying for your husband, God's healing touch. Blessings ~

Grammy Blick said...

Have prayed for DH's health and for a good diagnosis/prognosis. We know He will see us through, and may His will be done.

Bella Vista Cottage said...

Barbara, sorry you haven't been well. Will keep you and your husband in prayer. Prayer is such a powerful thing, isn't it?

Thanks for leaving such a delightful comment. I am all too ready for cooler weather and it is heading our way in the next day or so. Yay!!!!!

Hope your Fall is a great one.

Barb ♥

nanasknoll said...

Will be praying for you both, and a good report.
Love the Chicken picture. I love chickens and had a lot in my kitchen.