Saturday, November 12, 2011

Been A While

So much has happened since I wrote last, been a very busy week for sure.
Chuck had the PET Scan Thursday, Praise God we seen the Oncologist
Friday, and he read the scan, there is not cancer any where else, it did not show
anything, so that is such a blessing, the doctor is pretty sure he got all of it
when he did the surgery, doing the radiation is to make positively sure.
While at the Oncologist Friday, he made the mask for the radiation treatments,
they even tattooed the place where it needs to be. He will start the radiation
treatments after Thanksgiving. Every day for 6 weeks, 33 treatments in all.

SO it will be a good chance for us to meet folks in need of the Saviour, and
witness to them, they sure need the hope Jesus can give, in the place there.
God give us both such a sweet peace, and we just look to him for our every
need, he will meet each need that arises, and we have no doubts about that.

My children came up today for the day, had a great time, I made Chile and rice
and tuna sandwiches, that was fun and we chatted and took some hikes in
the woods even. Good day, I am so thankful for the time spent with them.
They are all coming for Thanksgiving so will be a very busy time then, I love
to talk of  the blessings our lord gives, and how good he is to us.
Continue to pray for our journey with this thing called cancer, but God has his
hand upon my dh and I know he will care for him.

Thank you all that have been following my blog and bless each of abundantly.
Have a great day tomorrow with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and may we
all worship our lord in Spirit and Truth. God bless y'all real good. ♥



Anonymous said...

that is such a blessing that the docs got it all

Donna said...

Barbara, So thankful that the cancer is gone. I'm asking the Lord to bless you both with peace and joy as you enter the treatments.
May God give you souls for your labor and faithfulness.
I'll be praying for you.
Blessings, Donna

Katie said...

Praise God! So glad to hear of this good report. Will be praying during his radiation treatments.

Thank you for the update, Barbara!

Blessings as we prepare to worship the Lord,

Loretta said...

What a Blessing...thanks for letting us know! You are in our thoughts and prayers...take care of yourself! Hugs, Loretta

Grammy Blick said...

Following your blog is a blessing! We see the Lord at work in every blog -- especially this one where the answer to prayer is not only "cancer not found!" but the cautionary treatment followup. At salvation, when He cleanses us from all sin, we need to be alert, watchful that we sin no more. When (not if, sorry) we do, He'll move us back to the right path. May God continue to bless your ministries.

Anonymous said...

love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...loves soraya..

Aliene said...

I know what the cancer trip is but I can tell you the Lord will be with you and give you peace through it all.
I had colon cancer in 2000 and again in 2003. I have many experiences i could tell you but just know the Lord will get the glory.

Praying as the treatments are started.
Love you, dear sister.

Goose Hill Farm said...

PTL! Thank you for the update, Barbara!