Monday, December 19, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Yes indeed it is a marvelous Monday, I feel so good, and it was such a great weekend. 
We had a break from going for treatments, 2 days off, today is my dh 15th treatment, lots has happened, and God has blessed every step of the way.
Only 18 more, wow, daily, it gets rough at times, then I think of sweet Jesus, how he was beaten, and attacked, and then hung on a cross  to die, but praise God it was all in our heavenly Father's hands, just like we are. If we had not gone through this, we never of would met some of the dear people we have, or had the blessings of telling them of our Saviour. Glory, nothing greater than to share Jesus with others, and especially this time of year.  So continue to keep us in your prayers, my dh throat is rough and his neck on the outside is very red and tender, hard on him for sure.

We had 5 saved at church yesterday, and last night we went to Florida to a Cantata it was no doubt the best I ever attended, it had a play with it, and such meaning of the Christmas story from Matthew, just such a blessing, and after a sweet fellowship with some old friends we had not seen in a long time, it just was a fabulous day all around, and one that kept us out until almost 10 PM lol, very rare these days. 

Saturday we did get our Christmas Cookies made, and decorated, they turned out really good. I used an old recipe I found in a little tin of small cookie cutters, and doubled the recipe, Chuck loves doing stuff like this, and making candy so he had fun creating some decor on them. I finished my laundry and all set for another week. 

So that is my Marvelous Monday, how is yours going? Hope you are blessed in all ways, and have a great day. God bless each of you real good. Love you much too.