Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sharing It Saturday

I had a great day with a dear friend yesterday, friends are so very important to us, and I am so blessed to have so many that I love and love me. We even ate some our wonderful Cauliflower, it was so good much better and sweeter than that you buy in the store.

I am sharing today some photos we too last night of that beautiful moon, wow, God sure has created some awesome things, then given us the eyes to enjoy them, I am so very blessed and so thankful that God love me, and he shares his kingdom with me, sharing with you today some of my photos that bring a smile to me. 

I hope you have a very blessed weekend, and be a blessing to some one today. Hugs from me to you.

I hope you enjoyed this and this is our baby Zoie Michelle, she thinks she is human so please no one tell her she is a dog..


Sharon said...

God's Creations are indeed beautiful! I heard that tonight we should watch for the moon as it rises and it will look very close. My parents had a dog like that except she was all black and thought she was human too. ;-)

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

I promise never to tell Zoie Michelle, because then I'd have to tell our dogs and cats! Have a blessed Sunday and the Lord bless you through this coming week, too.

Amanda said...

You were able to get great moon pictures. It was cloudy where I live, didn't get to see it at all.

Nezzy said...

Shhhhhh...darlin', your secret's safe with me. Your Zoie Michelle is just precious!

Wasn't that moon just amazin'? You captured is so well!

God bless ya and have a magnificent week sweetie!!! :o)

a little of me said...

im hosting a bloghop on tuesday's your welcome feel free to share and blessed others with your devotional craft and old memory cooking recipe..anything you want others to read....thanks if you do...loves soraya