Saturday, August 11, 2012

Each time is see a rainbow in the sky I think of when I first was saved, I read so diligently, and I found out about how God made this covenant with Noah, it just amazed me, how God in all his wonder would take time to tell Noah about the rainbow in the sky, since then I have learned about many wonders and miracles God has created and God has given to us, as his children. I soon learned that there is no private interpretation either, that the word is given freely and for all to understand. When I told my dh what I had found in the Bible I was so excited to share with him, he laughed and said Oh I knew that, I read that a long time ago, lol it was fresh to me, and exciting, and we as Christians should always be excited about His word, from time to time we get indifferent, and loose our enthusiasm over all the marvelous things that God have so freely given to us.
Take time today, to look around you, and see all that God has created just for you, to enjoy, to excite you, to make you alive and know that He is God.. Only our heavenly Father could make such a perfect environment for us humans to live in, then give us all the wonderful beauty about us to see, to feel, and to experience in our daily lives. Thank you Father for giving to me the most wonderful gift of life, salvation, the new birth, the wonder of it all still amazes me. 
This is going to be another busy week, we are starting a Family Revival tomorrow at our church, Brother Max Alderman will be the evangelist preaching, and his wife will have part too. on Thursday night she will share and teach the women of our church, that will be amazing I am sure. If you are in or around Hilliard, Florida, stop by and visit with us, First Avenue Baptist Church , 7 PM nightly, I am looking forward to this time in growing in the lord. You know your church is only as strong as your weakest family.
Be blessed and be a blessing to those around you, Sorry I do not keep up with my blog as before, perhaps soon I will be able too, I do miss you all and reading your blogs too. 


Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

He blesses us every day with His beauty and His promises. Don't worry about getting around regularly -- we'll be here when you have time!

Theresa said...

Hi Barbara. How nice to see your post on my dashboard today :) Sounds like an exciting week at your church, enjoy!

Aliene said...

Hello Friend, the Lord does endow us with so many blessings. We have had so much to happen lately, but as we prayed about them, we know God has a purpose for everything. If we could learn to be positive and know God did leave us promises (rainbow) to lean on how much better off we would be.
I haven't written much lately either but hopefully will get busy and get my mind functioning right again. Hope and pray you have a good revival.

Barbara said...

Yes we all can write a novel on the blessings of God, I would not know where to start, long before my salvation I am sure though we look back and see his hand guiding and directing us even before we come to him, what a wonderful lord and Saviour we serve.. Thank you ladies for your comments, and for your patience with me. Hugs and prayers to you all.