Friday, October 26, 2012

It has been a busy and wonderfully good week;
Sunday was excellent, my dear husband preached 
like he used to, the lord give him freedom to speak
with boldness and accuracy. It was a great message
from 2 Chronicles 7:14 in the morning, and a 
uplifting message from Psalms in the evening, a dear
couple took us out to lunch at a nice Sea Food Restaurant, 
the food was excellent also.

Wed at our church we had a very good service too, you 
could feel the present of the lord, we sang sweet uplifting
hymns and just had a great prayer meeting.

Friday my husband went for his yearly checkup with the
Oncologist, it was a good report, no signs of any abnormal
growths, and the healing process is almost complete, he was
very happy to hear this. Praise the lord for his goodness.

Friday evening we went to our Country Fair, oh it was fun, the
animals are so cute, even had Camel rides, lots of different 4H 
events too. I had a great time, and we ate things forbidden usually
Funnel Cake, Popcorn, Sprite, yeah just junk food. We even went
on the Ferris Wheel, it was so peaceful up so high above all the
noise of the fair, we had not been on a ride in over 20 years, so
we did enjoy it, although at times it even was scary, lol. 

So that about winds up our week,  Today I have been busy 
preparing potato salad and brownies to take to our fun fellowship
tonight, looking forward to this too, will be lots of kids and they
always makes things fun.

So for now that is it, hope to get to your blogs and post some things too, love y'all have a great Friday, and a better weekend. 



Theresa said...

Praise God! I am so glad to hear of your husband's good report.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Mary said...

Loved hearing about your wonderful week and so happy for your hubby's good doctor report! God is Good !!

Dee said...

You did have a good week especially with the doctors report coming back with an uplifting report. I love hearing that the Lord gave your husband the freedom to speak with boldness and accuracy.....I pray it reached the right ears.

Jan said...

So uplifting to read of your energetic and enjoyable week.
Praise God for your husband's report and his preaching.

Aliene said...

So glad to hear your husbands good report. Now, we are facing a similiar problem. read my blog and you will see. Love you, aliene

Betsy Adams said...

Looks like you had a great week, Barbara. Glad your hubby is doing so well.

You asked about my weight loss. I have been on a diet since April of 2011. I am at 'goal' now---and praying that with good eating habits and exercise, I can keep it off...


Barbara said...

Betsy that is wonderful, I am so happy for you, you do look great.
Thank you all for your great posts, and I appreciate you all.
God bless you and love ya...