Friday, March 16, 2012

God Just Keeps on Giving and Giving

Well another day, another weekend is upon us, we went out in the boat again yesterday, we caught 15 Brim, good size ones too;
and guess what? Give up? I caught the fishing pole Chuck lost in the River Monday, yeah, now only God can do something like that, 
I cast my line in the water, well it went to close to the boat so I was reeling in, when I brought up a line, I was trying to get it off my line when Chuck said, no, try and bring it in, it may be my pole, me of little faith said, I am sure, and WOW when I reeled it in his pole was attached to it, the hook and line still on it, but the fish had got away, we were amazed and said the lord had to do this, he must of wanted you to have that pole and reel. LOL Thought you would enjoy that little blessing. Stranger things have happened, been a while though.

Today we hit a few yard sales, we been looking for a cordless phone, we priced them at Wal Mart and they were from 28 to 50
dollars, the ones with answering machines on them; well today we
found one just like we been looking at and it was 3 dollars not 40.
Praise God the man said if it did not work to bring it back and he would give us our money back, well we brought it home and plugged it in, and great news, it works good, I have it all set up now, I hate the cord ones, our other cordless died, and so we had the cord one hooked up, love the cordless. We got a few other things too, was a good trip and good day.

Well it is a fabulous Friday, and I am back home, tired, but ate and now going to cook some lima beans and rice for supper, make some good ole corn bread too, yummy, is it supper yet, lol hope you all have a very blessed weekend, and know Jesus loves you and so do I.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We had a very good and restful Monday, Chuck went down to the river for a couple hours, and caught several nice Brim, so that is our dinner tonight, he fillets them so it will be pure eating, no picking the bones out. Here is a photo of these pretty fish.

Makes me want to go and catch a few myself, this is Brim season now, and we can stock our freezer while they are biting. 

It is so relaxing and fun out fishing, no sounds and just sweet smells of the wild Jasmine and Honeysuckle all around us. Nice, serene and so peaceful, like not much noise where we live anyhow, but on the water is even better.
Chuck got up to stretch and before he could grab his pole a fish pulled it in the water, took off with it, he has about 40 of them, so no great loss, and he still had 2 others to continue fishing with, but it must of been a big fish strong enough to get it out of the boat that fast. Now that was the big one that got away, LOL ♥ 


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Great Sunday, and a Better Monday

Happy Monday, praise God we made it to both services yesterday, what a blessing to be in the house of God with all our family around us. The messages were great, dh even got to teach the men's SS class, and though small I was able to be with the teen girls again.

My lesson was from Titus 2, being a set apart woman for God, and I tied it  in with Burn your bridges to Egypt. 
I so enjoyed teaching again, and being with the youth, the bus is bringing many many children in now, that sure is a blessing to watch each service, some have become so faithful to come.

We had to go to Brunswich one day last week, and along I 95 there was a huge tree, at the top a very big nest, with two eagle heads popping out, what a site to see, how excited I was, and wish I had had my camera with us. UGH, but I will go back and try and get a good photo of them, it was dear to my heart, being Isa 40:31 is my life long verse God give to me over 40 years ago.

Have a very blessed and peaceful Monday, I am blogging and 
having a very restful day. ♥