Monday, March 19, 2012

Such a Marvelous Monday 

It is so pretty outside, such a bright sun shining, hurts your eyes. The fishing trip of my son and dh went really well, they caught about 17 Brim, so our freezer is doing well, and kinda bulging, (giggles)We had a great Sunday, Chuck got to teach the men a gain, the man who usually teaches is off on sick leave, he had a hip replacement, so they ask Chuck to do it, he is doing well, but spent too much time in the sun Saturday fishing, it took its toll on him, give him allergies again, and wore him out.

One of my students in SS give me a sitting hen, it is so cute, she knows I collect them and I thought that was so sweet of her, we did a good lesson on Elijah and the widow, I asked them how many of them would give their last morsel of food for a stranger, only one said well if God told me to I would, praise God for one right answer eh.
Last night one of our Missionary's came and preached, he was real good and did an allegory about fishermen, from Mark where Jesus called the men to be fishers of men. Was different and he compared the folks in churches with various fish, was interesting for sure. Never been compared to a fish before, heehee, oh well it takes all kinds.
Today we have been busy in the yard, watering the garden, and I was doing my potted plants with fresh dirt and moved some into the flower garden around my tree, we had put leaves in them to protect them from the cold and it did really good, they have a head start and are doing really good, have some new shoots coming up too. Chuck was blowing leaves and picking them up to put in his compost pile. Our garden is doing great, and my rose bushes are started to sprout too, we bought some climbing roses and put them by the fence, so hoping they do good, and bloom this year.
Well that is about all in my world for now, so what are you up to my blogging friends, share with us, and let us know how and what you are up to. Be blessed and be a blessing, God loves you.