Friday, April 5, 2013


I have not written since March 8th, so much has happened since then too, after fighting a 7 week battle the lord called our pastor home, March 28th at 3 PM he lost the battle, and went on home to be with Jesus, no more suffering, no more worries, no more pain. It is hard to understand why the lord wanted to call this young minister home, he was only 46 years old, the ministry here in Woodbine was his first one as pastor, he had been there for 3 years, every since my husband resigned this church, we felt it was time to come back and be of help to him and the folks at Woodbine Missionary Baptist Church, little did we know then that everything would change like it has, we wanted to help brother Stacy, instead he is gone and we are trying to keep the church together along with another minister, my husband does not want to pastor any longer, so we will be seeking a Missionary pastor to take this position. Keep us all in prayer as we do the Father's will, and please keep Galaine Ervin and her family in your prayers also.

We had a wonderful Sunday, and went to a really good gospel sing, the singing group whose name escapes me right now is really good, and sings many songs acapella, it was such a blessing, and the host church had a sweet fellowship after also, really enjoyed our night out. My arm is healing well and I am using it more and more these days, thanks for the prayers for healing for me, God heard and has done a great job healing it.

Well I guess that is all the news for today, pray ye one for another, and remember Jesus loves you, and gave his life just for you, what have you did for him?


Theresa said...

Hi there sweet friend! I am so sorry to hear of your loss! God gained another heavenly angel! Blessings to you and your Husband along with your Church to heal and grow! HUGS!

Anita said...

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Prayers to your church during this time of loss.

Camille said...

So sorry to learn of the tragic death of this young pastor. I will pray for his wife and family today...the LORD is the only One Who is able to comfort in times like these. May HE give much grace and strength.

Sorry to read of your own struggles with health Barbara...I will pray that your shoulder will continue to heal well.

The LORD bless you!