Sunday, December 29, 2013

Busy Weekend

We had an unusual Christmas Eve and Christmas, but really good and made some new memories. Chuck had his MRI yesterday and had my blood drawn for my doctor the 11th. Stopped by my daughters and it was good to spend some time with her, I sure do not see my family enough. My son Jim having the PET scan today at 10 am so I ask you to keep that in prayer. Pray for us as we will be traveling Sunday to Blackshear where Chuck will preach all services. I appreciate all the prayers you all have prayed for me and my family, it sure makes a difference, I could not live from day to day without my lord taking such good care of me, even in the times of storm he is there, he is my help, he is my shield, he is my strength, thank you lord for being my friend, constant companion and lord of my life. 

Just got home from the Vet, Zoie was itching bad and has an ear infection, she got her allergy shot and some stuff put in her ears, it is suppose to adhere to the ear and heal, not to be washed out for two weeks, hope it helps, she sure been scratching her ears. 

Getting things ready to go for the day tomorrow, will not be on at all, will be an awesome day and I am always thrilled to hear my sweet beloved preach, we will sing too, and I am coughing some, had a nose bleed earlier, so pray for me too, always something here it seems. 

So have a very blessed day, and wonderful day of worship.


Theresa said...

Praying right along with you this morning that your day is filled with MANY blessings! I also will be praying that healing and good health is in the year ahead! BIG HUGS and continued prayers!

Dee said...

You have such an inspiring attitude...prayers and blessings for the days ahead. Happy New Year

Barbara said...

Thank you my friends seems like I have lost my following for being so spasmatic with my blog, but I am thankful for you that do stop by and care what I have to say.