Saturday, December 14, 2013

Too Long Away

Well hello my friends, it has been such a long time, we seem to stay busy, but I really want to get back into blogging again, I do love it, and I sure miss all my blogger friends.

I am just catching up here, sipping my Blonde light Star Bucks coffee that was sent by Stevie, my grand daughter, she knows we like it, so when she gets an abundance (they get two bags a week free to take home) she thinks of her Nana and sends some on.
It is very peaceful here today, not so cold, and just a sunny nice day in Georgia, love this type of day, when I was young I did not, it would of been so boring, but now, it is my kind of day.
What are you all doing today?
Whatever it is, have a very good one.

How has God blessed your day?
What are your plans today?
Who can we pray for today?
Church services for Christmas, what day?

Just a few minutes and I have to leave, so will wind this up for now, hope you have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday,  hope to be here more often.