Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WOW what an awesome Sunday we had, whew I am still excited..We had a young couple come forward, they had been separated and been through counseling and now back together and want to serve God again, it was so good seeing this.. We had 60 folks saved through the fair ministry through the church, and we will begin to visit them and see if we can get them baptized and joining the church, just such wonderful reports, I am so happy to be part of this. 

Okay now for my notes on the Pastor's sermon today. 
Drinking from the well John 4:27-39 
Being a soul winner, give others that same living water you have. (Jesus) 
Tell everyone about the one who has eternal life, fulfill God's will, he went to the cross for our sins, we are to carry on the work that Christ started, let us serve happily and finish the race we started when being saved.  We are all called to take the Gospel to a lost and dying world. 

The Harvest will not wait (just ask the farmers) today is the day of salvation, now is the accepted time; will you take the gospel that was the heart of Jesus out today. Will you hear God say well done thy good and faithful servant. 
Don't just hear the Gospel take the Gospel to the world around you. If we do not tell them who will? Certainly not the world around us.It is our responsibility to do this, it is the Great Commission Christ himself give to us..

I tell you it really touched both of us, we do not go near enough any more, we say it is too far, it cost too much gas, well I think my God will meet our need if we do his will. 

So that about does it for now, we have had some awesome weather here in Coastal Georgia, and I am loving it, cool at night and warm in the day, wow seems just too good of weather.  Now I hope you have a great  rest of week. See you again soon.