Friday, January 9, 2015

Wow it has been over a week again; not much new, it is cold here in SE Georgia, and everyone is sick. I do believe half the Country is sick, the virus must of really traveled. I would think the cold temps in the North would of killed it off, but many of my friends there are sick with the same thing we have here. You need a smile right about now?  Well here is Zoie Michelle faring the weather very well. lol

So with cute picture I will close for today, not feeling good at all, keep me in your prayers,  have a very blessed week..


Sunday, January 4, 2015

 Happy New Year, I hope you all survived the Christmas rush, and the new year is upon you, ready or not...  We are and have been sick for the new year, I was not ready for this, guess it is the flu, being it has so many aspects, and already ran past the cold time. Keep us in your prayers please, hoping this will pass sooner than later this time.

Well do you want to share how your Christmas went? great, I will too. It was different, nothing earth shattering, but a really good time spent with friends and family, and God has been so good to us, and our family is such a blessing. We ate far too much, and traveled many miles to see our children, it used to be they all came here, so what happened...At any rate  we made our rounds from St Marys Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida, had a good time with all.

So it is a new year with new beginnings, and may we leave the past behind, and move on to today, we cannot undo anything we did last year, but we have control of today.. Use it wisely, let Christ lead you daily, and use his pattern for your life. He has it all written in the Bible, how to live each day, how to grow in Christ, even how to live well with others. Let us all grow into what Jesus wants us to be, so when others look at us, they see him. On that note I will leave you today, with a very Happy New Year and a God bless you real good.