Saturday, January 23, 2016

God's amazing grace....Our little Charlie is doing so good, gaining weight and getting bigger each day, he is 2 months old now too, I praise God for each of these great grand children.. 
Here he is now

I have been sick since November, finally after two antibiotics and much prayer, I am starting to get my energy back;  Hoping I can go to church tomorrow; it will be the first time since Christmas, got really sick and weak after that fellowship then.  So pray I will be strong enough to do my hair, get dressed and ready to go; Oh yeah that is if my hubby gets our Ford Fusion out of the mud out bac, been struggling trying to get it out since yesterday, no hooks or anything to pull it out front way as needed..  PRAY PLEASE.

Well that is it for this time, have a blessed weekend, and Bless others.



Theresa said...

What a sweet little one:) I pray that you will feel better, get to go to Church and that the car is UN-STUCK! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Mary Hutchins said...

So good to see you back to your blog! Sorry you've been sick and hope God continues to bless you with healing. Precious baby. God Bless

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hello Mrs. Barbara,

Your little Charlie is precious. So glad you've had an opportunity to see him since being so ill. Keeping you in prayer,


Barbara said...

Thank you all for the comments, I am not very faithful to blogging these days but soon hopefully I will get back to it...Hugs to you all