Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reminising of Days Gone By

We have been talking about days gone by on my message board, and the ladies have brought to mind so many things that we used to have, and used to use, and that are no longer part of our life, some good things, some that were much harder for us as women in the older days.
I am talking in the 60's now, some reading may remember even times before then, but my times of remembering are in that time period. I remember the wringer washing machine, and we had to hang the clothes out on the clothes line because dryers had not been invented yet. I remember a friend using the old petal sewing machine, and my mom making dresses and skirts out of flour sacks, do you remember some of these things. Children playing with paper dolls, and Tonka trucks and in sand boxes out side actually.
The times were much simpler then, and the days did not seem like they passed so quickly. When we went to church everyone was in a dress with hat and gloves, now it is hard to tell the women of the church from the women of the world. Now that is a shame, God told us to come out and be separate, that we are in the world but not of the world, have we forgotten those verses, I am talking mainly to women now, but men you have failed miserably, you have let the women take lead in the homes, the work force, even in some churches. Shame on you guys, step up to the plate now, take back your homes, be head of them, and teach your family the Godly way, Christ set it up, He is the head, men are under him, and the women under the men, then the children, for some reason an just between you and me, "I really think it is Satan", making women blinded to the truth that God has give, she works out side the home, not to support her family, but to have all the things she wants, instead of being at home raising her own children, some one in a day care is doing it, we had a lady in our church told me I cannot stand being home with my children they are such brats, can you imagine that, not being able to stand your own children. Now if you have lost your husband that is a whole other story, and of course I would not be talking to you, but if you are working to have more things then you need to re-think, what is important to you.
Is a new car, or new sofa more important than your children? Or your husband? God forbid if you think it is. It is time Men came back to being Godly men, and women start acting like women again, dress like women, wear your hair like women, make your husband proud that he is married to you, a women. A women created after his image, and he is created after God's image, before you do any thing ask yourself, is this pleasing to the lord, if you have to wonder about it, then it is not pleasing to him. Do all things according to his will, and he will lead you into the paths of righteousness, I hope you ponder on all that I have said, and that you ask the lord if you are pleasing to him. Have a very blessed day, and may God bless you and your home.

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