Monday, June 28, 2010

Having a Happy Monday

So how are y'all today? Tired like me?

It has been a fast weekend, and so busy, next weekend will be the same again too, one of the church couples is having a cookout, we all are going to bring something, and they are roasting a pig, and having pulled pork, sounds like lots of fun,  heehee, something for everyone, I am looking for ward to it.

Today, Monday, I am writing a devotion on God's Permissive Will, now these thoughts came from when my little Zoie was outside yesterday morning I was watching her, and she has boundaries in our yard, so I thought I would see just what she would do when the door shut, and I was not watching, or so she thought. I wanted to know if she would stay where she was suppose to, or if she would wander off on her own.

It was so fun watching her decide, much like us sometimes.
She got right to the gate, then turned around and looked toward the door, then back at the gate, (by the way the gate was open) then back at the door, she went forward a couple of steps, and stood for a long time looking out toward the road, after about a minute she turned around and headed for the porch, that pleased me, she fought off the urge to act on her own will, and thought of what I had taught her, she decided to listen to my instruction instead of her own will, and doing what she wanted to do. Is that not like we are with God? Some times we just want our way so bad, we forget, no wrong word, we ignore what God and his word has told us, that is when we get out of his will and into his permissive will, let me explain, What is the difference between God's sovereign will and God's perfect will?"

The "perfect will" of God is what you find in Romans 12:2. Because God is omniscient, He knows what He will accomplish in us. He knows what we will do, and what we would do, in any given circumstance. Thus, His plans for us will never fail;

God has penned down in the bible every little detail that will help us grow, and live a happy and productive life to be in his will. Do we always listen and obey, NO, and if you are honest you will answer no, we get outside the boundaries at times, some times intentionally other times we just get into something we never met to.
But at times God allows us to do things that are not of His perfect will so as to give us our own way, so to speak, knowing that it is not good for us, but wanting us to learn that for our self. When he allows us to do our will, at times we get off and run with the ball, thinking well God is letting me do this it must be his will, well it is not always his will for our life, some times like a parent he just gives us our way so we can see our own error in our ways.

God is still in control, and His purposes are being accomplished. His "directive will" often allows or permits (His permissive will) men to violate His preferential will (what gives Him pleasure) and His prescriptive will (His Word). God's permissive will is never outside His directive will. God "permits" those things which will lead to the accomplishment of His directive will.

Though we act against God`s will and God`s plans , He never let us down . Because He loves us deeply and abundantly, He makes an alternative arrangement. That is permissive will. Though we are pulled by our self- desire and select a way which is contrary to the best plan which God has set for us, He never gives up. God allows His permissive will to be executed in a nation or in a people group.

Many times, we fulfill His permissive will only. We may not be prepared to fulfill His perfect will. Even when we decide to do what looks good to us, His loves never lets us down. His love is the only reason for not being forsaken.

But, only when we fulfill His perfect will, We can receive His fullness of blessings.

Now I don't know about you, but me, I definitely want to be in his perfect and acceptable will, to live and be an obedient child, to make my God happy, and not to grieve him in any way, funny how a little dog can give us ideas and to show us God's way.
God bless you and I hope you are living in his perfect will, peacefully, happily, and full of love and contentment. That is what being surrendered to God is all about.

It is all for our own good, he loves us so much, and he wants us to be happy, and to live victoriously daily in our life.

You be blessed now, and have a wonderful day. Hugs my friends.



Kathy in KY said...

Barbara - your post hit dead on with what I am struggling with and am constantly more aware of - surrendering to God. I am reading a couple of books by an author Beth Moore on deliverance and obedience. There are "exercises" in the books to make them practical to my life. And yesterday I was watching the services at The Potter's House in Dallas TX - Bishop TD Jakes. And lo and behold, his sermon was on submission - something that none of us want to really hear about. But he had the Lord's annointing and did a wonderful, challenging sermon on the subject. And, today, your post - it is uncanny how God puts these things in our lives to keep our submission to him in the front of our minds. Thank you for a great post, and God Bless - from your southern sister in KY.

Barbara said...

Oh Kathy yes that is how God works, it is like an affirmation from what he is telling us, I do love when I see this happen in my life, I have found out that being an obedient child and doing the will of my father gains great benefits, he rewards us for being obedient, and one is not being taken to the wood shed, that is not a fun place, been there once in my life walking with the lord, and I sure do not want to go again, I like being snuggled up real close to my father, and having his full hand of protection upon me, and soothing my soul, amen, praise God for his long suffering, and his mercy on us, it is a wonderful place to be in the perfect will of God. I am not sure why we have such a fight of wills in our life, but humans certainly do, more so than animals even I do believe. Hugs my friend, praying for Victory over all our short comings.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very nicely put, Barbara. Glad you had a busy and fun weekend. We did too.

We all need boundaries in our lives... Little Zoie knew her boundaries... That is GOOD... She was SAFE within her boundaries. But--there will come a time in her life (all of our lives) when she will step out of her box.. It's scary --but with God's help, we will make the right decisions once we are out there in this big ole scary world.... Thanks Be to God.

Grammy Blick said...

The Bible contains the perfect will of God for all. We need to look upon it as our Users Manual for our lives. Follow what He has laid out for us, submitting to His will, quite reasonable service.

Kathy in KY said...

Yes, yes, yes, Grammy Blick - I am finding that when I keep up on Bible Study that I become more and more aware of God's hand on me and his protection, and it is certainly a Living Manual for all people. I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. Thanks, and God Bless. Take care, from KY.

Kay said...

Barbara, this was SO GOOD!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it all makes perfect sense.

Cathy said...

That is so cute about your little dog. Thanks for that lesson, and thank God He loves us with His perfect love. Hugs ~

Lynn said...


Wow, I stopped in to visit your TT post and this story was just perfect. Boy did I relate to your little dog.

Great lesson and I and so glad I hopped in here today. See you at my place this week for TT. Hugs.

Jan said...

What a joy to see the little on decide not to go out the gate....
Wonderful to read you are having a happy, active time, and I am so blessed reading your wise words
Love and Hugs

Sandra said...

If we have our hearts on God we can see him in anything can't we? I know God is pleased at us as well when we make the right choice without him having to whip us to do it.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

So good!!! Something this strong will child sometimes struggles with. I so want to please my Father and walk in His will. I am tucking this away for the next time I am tempted to walk past the gate!

Take care and have a great day!

Sandra Henderson said...

I love you.
You are an amazingly wise woman.
who can cook good too! :)

Sandra Henderson said...

I was just watching Joyce Meyer last night and she was talking about boudaries... XO