Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Word

Wow Wednesday is here, I have not wanted to take the Alabaster box down, I love that song, and every time I would think about the words it touched my heart yet again, I know God's wonderful infinite mercy does endure forever. I could tell you time after time that his mercy has touched us, and made circumstances different.  Lets start off with some scripture today, Let go over to the Psalms, I think the Psalmist said it better than any other, so I am going to take our text today from Psalms.
Psalms 4:1 "Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer."

This particular verse really brings to mind a time when God sure helped me in a time of distress.
It was 3 am and the phone rang, it was one of my daughters calling from the hospital, she said Jack our youngest son, had been in a very bad car crash, that he was on life support and if we wanted to see him alive we better get there quickly.  This was in Jacksonville, FL and we live in Southern Georgia, about an hour or so away. My husband and I were numb, we looked at each other, and just dropped to our knees, we prayed and asked God to help us through this time, we told God that he had given us our son, and it was up to him whether to keep him here, or take him to heaven, we left it like that. Then A sweet peace came over me,  as we dressed and drove that hour away.
By the time we reached the hospital we were in full control or our emotions, God had taken over and given sweet mercy,  a mercy and complete grace than none other can give. We found out where my son was,  then proceeded to go to them, when we entered the room where they were; we heard talking, assuming it was my other children, as they all were gathered around my son's bed, and in the midst of the bed we seen our son, wide awake, talking to them, his head was all bandaged and he looked so very pale and small.  We were utterly surprised, when he seen us he started to cry and said, I know God had his hand on me, and brought me out of this time of distress.
My husband said there is no doubt about that at all, you were in his hands totally, and he took care of you.  Whew what a swwet relief, we thought we would be planning a funeral and here he was talking to us.  For lack of time and space I will get to the really good part.

When his doctor came in, he looked at us, and told us, our son was a miracle, he had never seen a case like this where there was no brain damage. Thist was just one of God's miracles, then he proceeded to tell us, that Jack went through the car windshield, and flew about 300 feet in the air, he then  landed in some bushes, they thought he had fled the scene, then finally they found him. He had over 1300 staples in his head,  it sheared the top of his head almost off, and when the doctor was telling us this, I could just picture my lord's hand over my son's head, protecting his brains from damage, he also had a broken arm and left, it took much time for him to heal, and he never forgot that day he flew through the air, and then landed in the arms of God.

If you ever need help in any situation, put your faith and trust in God, he is worthy, and he is able to deliver you from even the hand of the Giant. Yes indeed, God's mercy endureth forever.
Have a very happy Wednesday, and thank God for his mercy.



Sharon said...

Dear Barbara that was such a wonderful post. I am so glad that GOD was there with you and your son.
GOD is wonderful and has seen us through many stressful times.
Thanks for sharing.

NanaNor's said...

Dear Barbara, What an incredible testimony to the Lord's faithfulness to your son and to you. Your story is so visual, especially for all mamas out there-thank you for sharing it. A great reminder that He does watch over the sheep of His pasture.
Have a blessed day!

Peggy said...

I so enjoyed your post this morning. There have been some down in the valley days during my life but no matter how rough they were God was right there with me. I am so blessed!

Sandy said...

Wonderful story of God's
love, mercy and power,
Barbara. Thank you so

Deborah said...

Thank you for posting this, Barbara! I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to post a link to this on my facebook for some family members who are praying for such a miracle.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wonderful story, Barbara, of God's love and control in our lives... Even if your son hadn't have been okay, God would still have been in control... We need to put our faith and trust in God during all times in our lives.... Praise God.

Karen said...

What a testimony...I loved how you worded this part...

"he never forgot that day he flew through the air, and then landed in the arms of God."...

Praise the Lord!

50s Housewife said...

What a miracle!

HOPE said...

As my most recent post says..PRAISE THE LORD!!!

His mercies fail not and truly as I know myself...he does give PEACE at such a time!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony of your faith..God's protective hand..and His mercy on your son.

Amazing isn't it...the times we dread...can be of the most glorious account of God's work in the believers life! We should always be trust.

God bless you Barb and thank you for your encouraging comments and friendship.


Kelle said...

Praise the Lord for such a miracle! We have similar stories of God's faithfulness and love in dealing with our Dd's inoperable brain tumor.

My Dd, even though she was only 2 yrs old when she had the first of three surgeries, remembers a shiny man holding her hand and telling her she was going to be okay. I still get teary eyed just thinking about it and she is now almost 19yrs old. PTL and thank you for sharing your testimony of your Ds's accident.

Jan said...

That is such a heart-tugging and wonderful story, Barb. I felt I was there with you.
Hugs and Blessings - Jan

BECKY said...

WOW Barbara! What an amazing testimony of God's hands of protection on His children!!! I can't even imagine anything like that happening to one of our girls!

I am so glad to, that he recognized God's protection in it all!

Good stuff!! Good stuff!
Have a blessed day!

Musings Of A Gem said...

A true miracle!


Gemma @ Musings of a Gem X

Sandra said...

Bless His name forever! What a remarkable testimony to the mercy and faithfulness of God.

Aliene said...

Yes, Barbara, Our Lord always gives us what we need just when we need it. I thought of a 3am call back in 1988. My dad had been murdered. But Gos was still God and I am glad your son was okay.

Grammy Blick said...

Evidence such as this testimoney is what makes us reach for our alabaster boxes and cry over His feet. The faithfulness of our Father is simply greater than can be explained, it must be experienced. Thank you for bringing us into that room filled with His mercy.