Friday, August 13, 2010

♥ Fantastic Friday Fotos ♥

Well Hello on this beautiful day in Georgia, Thank you for all the well wishes for my dear husbands birthday,
he really appreciated it, he had a wonderful day, lots of phone calls, lots of cards, and especially a wonderful
dinner at a friends house, even ice cream and cake, he is truly blessed and knows it. So today, hummmm I have been talking about our 50th anniversary coming up next month, well how about showing you some photos we took on our 25th anniversary, hard to believe that was 25 years ago, wow where has the time gone. We took a marvellous cruise ship to the Bahamas, the 3 day 4 night package, and it was the time of
our life. They treat you like king and queens, and wow such food and fun you will never experience any where else, I really recommend going if you ever get the chance.  The first few photos are the Ship, One of the elegant buffets, and Nassau Bahama as we were approaching.

Now this is Salt Cay, it was an island they took us for the day, we had a great time of going over in a Calypso boat, then had a wonderful picnic, snorkeled, and rested in the double hammocks that were on  the island. It is the island where they filmed Gilligan's Island that movie that was on TV way back when.
We had fresh coconut that my dear husband shimmied up a tree and shook loose, then cracked it on this bulkhead to get the milk, and coconut out of it, he give some to the other passengers also, they thought that was just the best thing, oh we had a ball,
The next photo is the open sea, just wonderful, and last but not least is us at our anniversary dinner, they had come an taken the photo, and it is not very good of us, but they came out with
flaming Alaska for our wedding cake, it was so good, The who dining room sang happy anniversary to us, and the dinner we had chosen was just perfect. . Oh what good memories,
I loved every minute of it, and really hated coming back to my
ho hum life in Florida then.
As I was gathering these photos, I let my mind wander back, and could almost feel like I was there again,
we had some wonderful anniversaries for sure, memories as we get older really mean so much, and we cherish each of them. God has been good to us, he has given us a new hope in each other, after believing in Jesus Christ. All we are or ever hope to be is through him, in him, and by him, God bless each of you reading this, and may God bless your married life, and that one day you will share all your precious photos like I have here, have a wonderful and Fantastic Friday my friend.

Hugs ♥ Blessings Photobucket


Rebecca said...

I love the pictures! Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Do you know how your going to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary?

Have a great weekend!

Barbara said...

Rebecca We are thinking of going to a lake not too far away and fishing for a few days, not in concrete yet, we have lots of animals and need to figure out what to do with them, we have few neighbors and no one close by. ???

Sharon said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby.
It sure does look like a great trip.
I would love to go on one.
Our 46th Anniversary is Monday the 16th, so we are going away this weekend to SD.
Have a great weekend.

JD said...

Great photos and thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...

My husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in September. I've never been on a cruise. Perhaps we should plan to go on a cruise for our 15th wedding anniversary (25th anniversary is too far away to wait LOL).

KKJD1 said...

I would love to take a cruise! What special memories, thanks for sharing. So glad hubby had a wonderful birthday. Hope you both have a great weekend! Blessings,Karen

A Blessed Life said...

hello barbara that was a lovely blog(they always are) we have just not long had our 40th anniversary and we just had a family dinner but it was lovely..the 50th well who knows what that will bring but it will be special.
Have a lovely weekend Carole xx

Karen said...

What sweet memories...thank you for sharing....

Michelle said...

Hi fellow Georgia blogger :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to check it out.
My hubby and I recently celebrated our 22nd Anniversary.
Where has the time gone?
We have a 28 year old, an 18yr, and a 16yr (all boys).
Congratulations on 50years.

Coffee With God said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

A cruise is something that Skippy and I have wanted to do for such a long time. One day!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, my friend!


Jan said...

Hi Barb, lovely to see your photos and share your blessed memories.
Trusting you will come up with a good plan for your 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Blessings - Jan

agypsyangel said...

What a lovely celebration. What will you do for your 50th? Thanks for sharing and ahhh Gilligans Island. I loved that show.
Happy Weekend.

BECKY said...

What a wonderful 25th celebration! We've done 3 cruises to the Bahamas and loved it every time! I am praising God for your 50 years, together, Barb! What a lovely testimony of His faithfulness you two are!! I pray that your celebration is wonderful and a huge blessing to you both!

Love and hugs gal and

Sandra Henderson said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. How beautiful You were back then and still are today! I'm SO happy that you had the opportunity to experience this trip! I wish I had tons of money, I'd send you on another!!!! I WOULD! Does the thought count?!?! You could come over here and stay at our little cabin on the island! You are welcome any time. I'd suggest when it gets cooler and less buggy, but you are ALWAYS welcome!!! Love ya! XO