Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fall Flicks

My table is set for Fall, and I have a some Fall Decor set around already, you ask why so early, Well as you know I am having surgery the 20th of September, and I may not feel like putting up my things after that, so thought I would get a head start on it, I took a few photos and thought you may enjoy looking at them, I love my new table cloth and place mats, they are unique and say it all. Hope you enjoy and see how wonderful the lord is in all he puts in our path.

This was a Paper Mache Pumpkin my dear husband made for the bus Ministry back in the 80's
he give out candy and had quite an experience too, he had his hands inside of this pumpkin, and was
holding a plastic pumpkin full of candy, well some of the older kids spun him around, and took his candy, lol it was too funny, not much he could do being inside this huge pumpkin, he could barely see, we still laugh
about this to this very day.

Have a really blessed weekend, and know Jesus loves you, and so do I..
Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
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Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Your fall decore is lovely.
I pray that your surgery will go well and your healing will progress better than expected. I'm so glad you will be able to have a surgery that will make you feel much better.
Have a blessed weekend.........Denise

Musings Of A Gem said...

I love your decor!!! It looks lovely : )

Great idea about doing it before your surgery!!


Gemma x

~~Deby said...

Oh. your surgery is right around the corner (btw I have a appt. Tuesday for my shoulder) was wise of you to decorate looks so festive.
We don't do the jack o lantern thing as we don't celebrate halloween...but I sure love FALL-Autumn....I even think I like the word Autumn, better than fall...
Keep reminding us about your surgery so we can pray for you...

Jackie said...

Hey Barbara!

I'm still recovering from my surgery and trying to get caught up on visiting my blog peeps! Love your Fall decor...My current post show a little bit of my Fall stuff too....luv this time of the year!!

Sorry to hear you're having surgery.....I'm adding you, dear sister, to my prayer journal right now and will be praying for you and believing for wisdom for the docs and a speedy recover and the Peace of the Lord upon you!!


Hugs and Sweet Blessings!
Jackie : ))

Anonymous said...

Your harvest decorations are soooo pretty. It has such a 'homey' feel to it. Comforting and warm.
Praying for you my friend. My prayer is that our Great Physician would heal you completely before your surgery date. If God chooses instead to have you go through it, may He guide every step of it and grant you swift healing with no complications.

Dee said...

I pray all goes well with your surgery. Your fall decore is lovely and is putting me in the mood to decorate for fall myself. From what I am seeing outside my window I think it will be here and gone before we can say...Hey, it's fall!

Sandra said...

I did not know about the surgery, I pray God will bless you with guiding the doctors hands and quick healing. you fall decor is beautiful and a good idea to do it early

Barbara said...

I certainly appreciate all you loving and kind encouragements, I so covet your prayers, I am so happy to get this over, so I can get on with my life, and not be is such pain, and being limited to what I can do, I am always needing to stand on a chair or something, I cannot now for fear of my knee going out and falling, UGh...but soon and very soon, I will continue my race and will go one for my lord. So when you think of me, pray, I am much appreciative.

Peggy said...

Hope to get some decorating done this weekend. Have a very blessed holiday weekend

Aliene said...

I love your decor for fall. I am praying for you as you get ready for surgery. I know you will feel much better. Love you, Sis.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara---You are smart to put up your Fall decorations early --since you have that surgery coming up. I probably won't decorate until the end of September.

Love your decorations... Make me feel like Fall is REALLY coming...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Barbara, I love Autumn and I enjoy decorating early. I am praying that your surgery goes well and that you will heal quickly and feel so much better. Your decorations are so cheerful. Cute story about your husband and the pumpkin! I hope you will enjoy being surrounded by so much Autumn beauty. God bless and have a wonderful weekend.

Linda said...

Hi Barbara,
Love your post and the wonderful Fall decore. I so love Fall and all the beautiful colours!!
Enjoy your weeknd,
Blessings and hugs

Anonymous said...


Mountain Mama said...

Oh your home looks so "fall-ish" - Beautiful!

We will be praying for your surgery!

Cathy said...

Your fall decorations are so pretty. You are very smart to do that decorating ahead of time. Praying for your surgery, Dear. Hugs ~

Anonymous said...

I usually begin decorating for fall right after Labor Day. So, I don't think you are hurrying the season at all!