Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things". Galatians 6:6

Yes, there are those who take advantage of God's flock and misuse God's money.
This is tragic because many of God's servants minister with few economic resources or financial support. While God never promised ministers of the Word great wealth, he does remind us of the importance of caring for them. Let's use this time to make sure those who share God's word with us are supported in ways that enable God's ministry through them. Let's also remember that sharing "all good things" means much more  than money! Let's keep our missionaries, our ministers, and our teachers in our prayers. Let's commit to send them regular notes of specific encouragement so their ministry will be a blessing not only to us and the Lord, but also to them! Prayer is indeed one of the best methods to convey to God their needs, God knows and he will provide.

I really think we as Christians fail in the matter of prayer, it is not important how long of prayer you can pray, or how grand a prayer you can pray, it is that you pray out of a loving and pure heart, God will hear, God loves us to talk to him, especially when we are praying for others, many times we pray so selfishly, lord help me, thank you. Well we need to be specific and ask on behalf of some one else, pray for your Pastor, he has so much more on him than you would ever realize, his daily needs are innumerable, he and his family more than likely have given up many things to come be your pastor, let us pray for him on a daily basis, let us revere him, and let us let him know we love and appreciate him, and all he and his dear family do for us.  

I hope you all have a wonderful prayer meeting tonight, and that God will bless you in all ways, in all you do for him.

Lots of love and plenty of Hugs, Barbara


Mrs. Freida said...

Mrs. Barbara, Enjoyed your post! Our family went to hear a preacher by the name of Benny Beckum last night and he preached on prayer! It really stirred my heart. I am afraid that we just have not discovered the blessing and power behind prayer. I once heard"Little prayer, Little power, Much prayer, Much power". Thanks agian.. In Christ

Barbara said...

Amen yes indeed sister Freida, we cannot expect to have God's power if we never speak to him, I am glad you enjoyed it, and I have an excellent study on prayer also, hugs

~SALLY~ said...

Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my blog! It's a pleasure to meet you! I am following you now and looking forward to browsing your writings. Thanks again! :) (YAY for KJV Verses!)

Jan said...

Yes, so true, Barbara.
Love and Blessings,

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post. It really did make me think about the power of prayers.
I also caught up on your post of the Love of God. I really needed that inspiration.
Bless you.

Karen said...

So true what you shared about praying for our granddaddy was one for 76 years...and his stories of God's blessings and provisions down through the years always blessed me....

Aliene said...

We had a pastor way back when that took advantage of the church's money.
But God did not bless.him.

We do pray for our pastor every day.
I think it is one the most important
thing we can do. He has a lot responsibility on his shoulders.

Blessings my friend and I do hope you are much improved.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this, Barbara. It is so very, very true!