Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sharing Saturday

Remember to set your clocks forward before you go to bed Saturday night.

Thursday we had a fun day with friends, had dinner and played some fun game too.

We had a great day yesterday, we tried out that new motor, went down the river about 4 miles, and fished a little too, just trying out to make sure it worked good, amen, it did. Came home at darkish and I fixed breaded pork chops and sweet potatoes, and asparagus, it was good, and then we relaxed for a while. Today we went to get our new glasses, yeahhhhh, they called when we were gone yesterday to say they are ready.  I love mine. guess what color, any one that knows me well will know.

Chuck has a memorial to do later, the folks are family of folks that were in our church, and they always call him when one of theirs dye. This is really a sad situation, this man 43 years old, was burned to death when a Meth lab exploded, yeah, oh me, what a terrible death that must of been, and far as I know (from the way he lived) he was not saved., they just seem to listen and will not hear, or act upon what they know to be true, pray for these folks, Chuck is really burdened for their souls.

This man is the dad of the boy I led to the lord when we were in Woodbine, James, then had the honor of leading his little girl to the lord during VBS, her name is Savannah, the mom to James and wife of dying man is Maria, she is James mom. The whole family needs the lord. Family name is Lloyd.
I plan on studying my lesson for tomorrow while he is gone, and make some cookies, or something sweet, I have this sweet tooth and just will not stay hidden, lol got to feed the sugar monster ya know.
So I pray you all have a wonderful weekend, and may God bless you real good.


Marie said...

I wish the time could be kept the same--I'm old and don't like change. Ha! So sad about the death that Chuck is doing the memorial service for. The whole family sounds like a sad situation that needs lots of prayers.
Marie in NC

Theresa said...

Your dinner sounds delicious and so do the cookies.
Sorry to hear about that loss, what a sad story.

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

I know I focus entirely too much on the downside of time change -- but I really don't like it and adjust badly! This year may be a bit better since we're ill and time has so little importance. Prayers for the family!