Wednesday, August 25, 2010

36 Reason Why I love the Lord

I am participating with the KJV blog in listing the reasons why I love the lord and I praise God for a chance to testify for my lord, I have been saved since July 1974, that is 36 years, WOW it seems like yesterday to me. Let me give you 36 reasons why I love the lord.
01.I love the lord because he first loved me
02.He drew me to him
03.He bled and died for me
04.He planted my feet on higher ground
05.He give me love
06.He taught me how to love
07.He saved me from a Devil's hell
08.He reached down to where I was, and came to me
09.He touched my blinded eyes and made me see
10.He set my feet upon a solid rock,
11.He give me a good husband
12.He give me wonderful children
13.He gives me breath for each day
14.He give me compassion for others
15.He give me Godly friends to help me
16.He give me eyes to see his beauty
17.He give a mouth to witness for him
18.He give me feet that can take the Gospel to others
19.He give me two hands that can help others
20.He give a life of being a Preachers wife
21.He give a good church to attend
22.He give me a roof above me
23.He give me food for my table
24.He give me shoes to go on my feet
25.He clothes me in good clothes
26.He gives me so much to depend on him for
27.He choose me to be in his family
28.He lead me into a valley where I learned to lean on him
29.He sits me upon the mountain top so I can shout his name
30.He lets me live daily to worship him
31.He give me a singing voice to sing his praise
32.He give a gift of writing to glorify him
33.He give me a sane mind to follow him
34.He put his ways in my mind, and heart
35.He give me discernment of right and wrong
36.He give me the gift to express my self

I thank you for this opportunity to tell others why I love the lord Jesus Christ, with all my soul, and all my heart and all my mind, may he bless all those who call upon him, and reach out to others in his name. If any one else wants to join in this just go to the KJV site and sign up with Mr. Linky.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen, Barbara... What more can I say?

JTR said...

Thanks for participating! It is such a blessing to read these - as it was to do it myself. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how really WONDERFUL the Lord is to us!

JTR said...

ps. I really liked "28.He lead me into a valley where I learned to lean on him" - but also hands, and a sane mind - do we ever think to stop and thank Him for these things?

Barbara said...

It is a true blessing to ponder on all the things the lord has did for us, I know when I have been saved 50 years like one of the ladies I will be just as apt to find that many reasons why I love the lord, thank you for the blessing of searching my heart to see all he did for me.

Karen said...

Awesome, Barbara...God is so good!

A Blessed Life said...

Another one is he bought you into our lives to make each day special and remind us that we are so blessed to just simplt "BE". Carole

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, amen Barbara! That is awesome. I have been saved 39 of my 48 years and I praise GOd for reaching down and lifting me up out of the pit of my sinful life and bestowing me with grace and forgiveness!

Cathy said...

Very beautiful, Dear ~ Blessings ~

Jan said...

What a great idea to post one reason why you love the Lord for each year you have been saved.
Magnificient list.
Hugs and Blessings - Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I don't think I have your e-mail address... but my new blog is at and I wrote the whole story there on the first post.

Terri said...

Awesome reasons!

Camille said...

Beautiful list Barbara! How PRECIOUS our Saviour is!! I had to look at the date you were saved and really think...the LORD saved me in July too, but it was 1972! (I was not quite 5 years old, but I remember it very well)...

How wonderful that you recognize the hand of the LORD in all those things in your life...that brings glory to HIM!! May HE give you many more years to serve HIM and proclaim HIM to others!