Monday, August 23, 2010

Marvellous Monday

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Looking out over the Caribbean, it has the most
beautiful waters I have ever seen.

This was the place on the Caribbean, in Ponce,
Puerto Rico, we stayed for several weeks, it was
a wonderful place, and a place I would love to visit
once again, if the chance arises.

Driving the highways and looking into the hills, you
see little shacks all over, and it has the most beautiful
rain forests the eyes can behold, oh what beauty my
eyes have see, God has blessed us tremendously in our

WOW...Breath taking beauty as we sat on the dock
and watched the sun go down, the colors were so much
more beautiful that this photo shows, a camera can
never replace the beauty of the real thing. man tries to
imitate what God has created, but he does not come close.
We had a wonderful time, we flew into San Juan, then rented
a car and drove about 90 I think it was to Ponce, this was
back in 1987 and the place has really grown, and populated more since our time spent there.

So tell me, is your day Marvellous, if not look up, is Jesus still on the throne? Well then it sure is a marvellous day isn't it, no matter how bad things get in this world, God is able to care for us, and we have his written promises to console us in a time of need, now lets stop and take a deep breath, and let God talk to you, then ask him for his help in all you do today, in all you must face today, and with all you will attempt to do for him, his grace is sufficient indeed, proven, tested, and banked on..Hugs my dear friends, have a blessed day, and do remember no matter what you are going through, Jesus went through more, and is still singing God's praises.
Hugs ♥ Blessings


Kathy in KY said...

Thank you Barb, for reminding me to always be thankful, and that God will and does see me thru all troubles, and trials. As I prepare for my move, I will know to rely on Him when things get a bit chaotic and hectic, and He will take care of me in all of these circumstances. Thanks for your encouraging words. Beautiful photos of Puerto Rico. Yes, Jesus is still on the Throne. God bless you, my southern-sister, from KY.

Theresa said...

Sure is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You have such a beautiful, encouraging spirit. I love reading your posts.

JTR said...

What a great opportunity. Was it a missions trip? One day I hope to go on an out-of-country missions trip before I die!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara--- Your Puerto Rico pictures are gorgeous... I didn't know that you had been there and had spent several weeks there... Were you on a mission trip--or just lucky enough to visit there for awhile???? That is so neat.

We went on a cruise to the South Caribbean for our honeymoon in 2001.. We flew into San Juan --and cruised south of there to several of the islands. It was fabulous.

Thanks for sharing.. How are you feeling? When is your surgery?

Grammy Blick said...

We were in PR just once -- to catch a cruise ship, then return through there. The Lord had blessed us with the ability to provide that cruise on our 40th anniversary for our three children and their spouses. And, most assuredly, this is the day the Lord made for us, and we will rejoice in it. Thank you, sweet sister in Christ.

Sharon said...

Yes Barb Jesus is indeed on the Throne.
Thanks for such inspiring words of wisdom.
I truly enjoy my visit here.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We spent some a day and a half in San Juan and loved it! Thanks for your Monday is a marvellous day - amen!

Sharon Kay said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures and the time you spent there. I love your encouraging words. No matter how much we try to encourage others, we are sometimes the one who needs encouraging and I thank you for it today. :) I needed to be reminded.

Barbara said...

Hi all and thanks for the comments, we were working there, for Kenny Shoe Stores, so everything was paid for, and we did a little mission work while there on our time off too, a man was starting an orphanage close to where we were staying, and we always intended to go back and help him some, we just never got back there, been other places, the lord had sent us to various places like this, and it was a blessing. thank for asking, lots of hugs for your day too.

Karen said...

Amen! It's a marvelous day because I know whom I have believed....

Glennis said...

Oh yes, Ponce is very beautiful and looks quite similar to Rarotonga, must of been a great holiday destination for you.
Yes Jesus is still on his throne around here too! And with us

Kateri said...

Totally love the sunset photo. What a beautiful, beautiful place!